Trail Regulations

To enjoy N.E.S.S. (Northern Erie Sno-Seekers inc.) trails you must adhere to the following rules and regulations:

1.) Be on a snowmobile, trails are only open to snowmobiles. Wheeled vehicles of any kind ie: 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, cars, trucks are prohibited from being on the trails.

2.) You must have a valid drivers license, or a valid “youth snowmobile safety course” certificate. Youths ages 10-18 must have a “Youth Safety Certificate” to operate a snowmobile on N.E.S.S. trails. (You must be able to produce one of these documents at the request of law enforcement officials or trail wardens on the trails)

3.) The snowmobile you are riding must meet minimum state regulations, and safety standards. (ie: it must have a functioning head and tail light, cowl ect.) The snowmobile must not pose a danger to its rider, or other snowmobiles on the trail. (For specific details, refer to NYS department of motor vehicles)

4.) The snowmobile can not (in any way) have an altered exhaust system. The exhaust system must remain in factory standard condition. (ie: NO PIPES or CANS)

5.) Snowmobiles designed for single riders, can only carry one person. Snowmobiles designed for two riders, can carry two persons at maximum capacity. (If you’re not sure of your snowmobiles capacity, refer to your owner’s manual.)

6.) NYS law requires the rider or riders to wear helmets.

7.) The snowmobile must carry a valid New York State registration. (You must be able to produce this document at the request of law inforcement officials or trail wardens on the trails)

8.) The snowmobile must be insured. (You must be able to produce this document at the request of law enforcement officials or trail wardens on the trails)

9.) Snowmobiles are required to operate on the “MARKED TRAIL” at all times, snowmobiles operating more than 12′ from any trail marker, trail sign or groomed trail will be trespassing, trespassers will be prosecuted.

10.) SWI (snowmobiling while intoxicated) is a serious offence, and carries stiff fines and penalties. If convicted of SWI, it will appear on your driver’s license. Don’t drink and ride, get there alive…

11.) NYS snowmobile trail speed limit is 55 MPH.

12.) As snowmobilers on N.E.S.S. trails, you are considered “guests” of the club, and its private and public landowners. Anyone who attempts to abuse this privilege will be denied access for further use of the N.E.S.S. trail system. N.E.S.S. reserves the right to deny any person, or person’s access to the trail system, for any reason.

13.) When operating a snowmobile on N.E.S.S. trails, the snowmobile must “yield right of way” to any NON-motorized vehicle. (ie: X-country skiers, pedestrians, dog sleds ect.)

14.) When operating a snowmobile on N.E.S.S. trails, the snowmobile MUST 土ield right of way” to groomers.

15.) Snowmobilers who use the N.E.S.S. trail system must be in satisfactory physical and mental condition, and must not possess any disabilities that would hinder their (or others around them) safe operation of a snowmobile on N.E.S.S. trails.

16.) All items pertaining to snowmobiling found on the trails are property of N.E.S.S. Tampering with or removing signs, trail markers, ribbon, bridges, barrels or other items carries a $2,500 fine.

17.) Do not litter, carry out what you carry in.

18.) Snowmobiles are required to adhere to all trail signs, including highway signs. (where applicable)

19.) Snowmobile speed limit when operating on paved highway is 15 MPH.

20.) When traveling in groups, snowmobiles are required to follow in single file, and keep right.

21.) When operating in dark conditions, reduce speed. Never “out-drive” your headlight.

22.) Although it is not mandatory, it is recommended that all snowmobilers who enjoy the use of N.E.S.S. trails become members of the club. The trails of N.E.S.S. only remain from year to year, due to the continued support of its members. With out the club, there would be no trails, and with out members, there would be no club. Please join today.

23.) N.E.S.S. trails are patrolled by: Erie, Niagara & Genesee County Sheriffs, New York State Police, Department of Environmental Conversation and N.E.S.S. trail wardens. Enforcement of N.E.S.S. rules and regulations will be provided by these officials.

*** The Northern Erie Sno-Seekrs inc. (N.E.S.S.) reserves the right to change the rules and regulations regarding the usage of trails with out notice. ***