Trail Report

Last Update 02/23/2021 @ 6:16pm 

*** Trails Are CLOSED  **

NYSSA Interactive Web Map

C4B x * Trail closed for the season from Westwood Rd – Rte#20 This section is NOT NESS trail, that is closed, but we are simply advising you of this, if you intend to ride this section of trail.  Please consult Marilla Sno-Mob for further details or information
C4C x
C4D x  
C4H x  
C4K x

S40A x  
S41B x  
S41C x    On the golf course, stay between the trail markers, and easy on the throttle !!!

Please stay off driveways and off the front lawns of the residential houses

S41D x  
S41E x  
S46 x  
S46Ba x  
S46Bb x  
S48 x  
W. Gas x  

Click here for the NESS Trail Map to see the Trail Numbers and Intersection Numbers

NO – Not Open.
OS – Opening Soon: Trails are ready for cold weather and/or snow, but remain shut down due to poor conditions.
TC – Temporarily Closed: Trails were open , but shut down do to poor conditions, low or no snow and expected to reopen soon.
LI – Limited: Trails are passable for marginal riding, may not be groomed and some trails may be closed. Please stay off closed trails.
FA – Fair: Trails are in adequate shape for satisfactory riding, some trails may not be groomed.
GO – Good: Trails are groomed with very good snow cover.
EX – Excellent: Trails are exceptionally well groomed with ideal snow coverage.
N/A – Information Not Available

Please respect our landowners and stay on trail.
Please be careful of winter crop fields.

Thank you landowners!



Trail Groomer At Work
* C-4B: STAY OFF the pavement on the bike path! Obey Signage on barrels. DO NOT use them as a center median. This is extremely important to the trail’s continued use