Trail Report

Last Update 1/21/2023   

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Trails are installed and maintained by our very generous Trail Captains and club volunteers

The riding experience you enjoy is a direct result of the contributions made by the volunteer members of this club.  The handful of people responsible for the marking, maintaining & grooming of these trails are ALWAYS looking for help !

? how have you contributed to provide a safe, fun & enjoyable family oriented ride on our trail system ?  With 300+ members & 120+ miles of trail, in 3 counties, there are many ways to support and contribute.  From our annual Vintage Show, to our annual Landowner Christmas Party, to trail maintenance.  There are many different ways to help out, contact us today !



NYSSA Interactive Web Map

C4D X  
C4H X  

S40A X
S41B X  
S41C X    


S41D X
S41E X   * Considerable re-route, pay attention to trail markers, south section out to Salt Rd. is CLOSED, follow re-route.  **USE EXTRA CAUTION ON ASPHALT BIKE PATH this is a SHARED recreational path, X-country skiers, joggers, dog walkers, snow-shoe’ers all will be using this section along side snowmobiles !!!!   **
S46 X  
S46Ba X  
S46Bb X  
S48 X  
W. Gas X  

Click here or the NESS Trail Map to see the Trail Numbers and Intersection Numbers

NO – Not Open.
OS – Opening Soon: Trails are ready for cold weather and/or snow, but remain shut down due to poor conditions.
TC – Temporarily Closed: Trails were open , but shut down do to poor conditions, low or no snow and expected to reopen soon.
LI – Limited: Trails are passable for marginal riding, may not be groomed and some trails may be closed. Please stay off closed trails.
FA – Fair: Trails are in adequate shape for satisfactory riding, some trails may not be groomed.
GO – Good: Trails are groomed with very good snow cover.
EX – Excellent: Trails are exceptionally well groomed with ideal snow coverage.
N/A – Information Not Available

Please respect our landowners and stay on trail.
Please be careful of winter crop fields.

Thank you landowners!



Trail Groomer At Work
* C-4B: STAY OFF the pavement on the bike path! Obey Signage on barrels. DO NOT use them as a center median. This is extremely important to the trail’s continued use

*  S41E (Pizza Inn trail) sections of this trail run on town owned property, that are paved bike path.  Use extreme caution on the paved section, DO NOT SPIN TRACK, be aware and courteous of all other people using this recreational path !!!  Complaints to the town will close this trail permanently.